The ORBITFEED™ riveting system is the most advanced automatic rivet-feed Multi-process riveter in the world today.  Insert and fasten your rivets all in the same station at extremely high rates of speed. The ORBITFEED™  riveting system feeds each rivet from the top with the preformed head up and unformed shank hanging down. Once the rivet is in place then the riveting operation is completed from the underneath side of the machine. Our ORBITFEED™ riveting system is a true Multi-process riveter capable of Orbital, Twin-Spin, Spin-Press and Impact forming techniques all in the same machine. Typical cycle time is 1 to 2 seconds and when a long rivet is introduced then a slightly longer cycle time may result. Our product line is rated in mild steel solid rivet diameters ranging from 3mm to 16mm rivet diameter capacity machines. The system typically can utilize a very simple work holding fixture and in many case no fixture at all. Since we use controlled rivet forming techniques to fasten the rivet, the tonnage on our machine is much less than all other competitors equipment. Thus making our equipment much more affordable. Let us quote your next riveting system and we will prove it to you.

Key Benefits

  •  Automatic Rivet Feed
  •  Rivets Fed and Fastened in the Same Station
  •  Four Riveting Process - Orbital, Twin-Spin, Spin-Press and Impact forming
  •  Extremely Fast Cycle Rate
  •  Rivets Fasten with the Best Control
  •  Highest Cost Savings Compared to Any Other Riveting System!


 8MM ORBITFEED™ Riveting System Shown Above

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Current Pricing (as of Thursday, 17 January 2008)

Description Model # Price US
3MM 003OF $24,500.00  
5MM 005OF $28,500.00
8MM 008OF $36,500.00
12MM 012OF $48,850.00
16MM 016OF $55,395.00

All prices are based upon application specifications. Prices shown are approximate only and are subject to change without notice. All ORBITFEED systems include Orbital tooling less fixtures and other devices required for the application. Delivery is approximately 12 and 18 weeks. Machine specification are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Grant Riveters Sales Department at (203)-366-4558 or write us at sales@orbitalriveter.com.

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